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Commands and Permission

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Command Description Permission
all cmds Give acces to all commands bw.*
/rejoin Rejoin an arena if you got kicked. bw.rejoin
/leave Leave the arena or the bedwars server.
/party All party commands.
/shout Send a global message on a solo/ team arena. bw.shout
!message Send a global message on a solo/ team arena. bw.shout
/bw View commands list.
/bw gui Opens the arena selector gui. Not available in BUNGEE mode.
/bw gui [group] Opens the arena selector gui for the given group. Not available in BUNGEE mode.
/bw gui [group1+group2] Opens the arena selector gui for the given groups.
/bw join Join an arena.
/bw random Join a random arena.
/bw join [groupName] Join an arena by group name.
/bw join [group1+group2] Join the first available arena from the given groups.
/bw join [arenaName] Join an arena by given name. This won’t work with display name.
/bw lang Change your BedWars language (messages, scoreboards, guis, holograms).
/bw leave Leave an arena or the BedWars server .
/bw cmds View the commands list .
/bw start Forcestart an arena based on some conditions. bw.forcestart
/bw start debug Forcestart an arena. Can start with a single player. requires OP
/bw stats View your BedWars stats.
/bw teleporter Opens the teleporter gui if you are a spectator.
/bw tp [username] Teleport to a bedwars player. Used by staff to verify cheaters. bw.tp
/bw arenaGroup Manage arena groups. bw.groups
/bw arenaList View the arenas list.
/bw build Allows to build in the lobby. bw.build
/bw cloneArena Clone an existing arena. bw.clone
/bw delArena Delete an existing arena. bw.delete
/bw disableArena Disable an arena. bw.disable
/bw enableArena Enable an arena. bw.enable
/bw npc Manage Join NPCs. This requires Citizens Plugin. bw.npc
/bw reload Reload BedWars messages. bw.reload
/bw setLobby Set the BedWars main lobby. This is not required in BUNGEE mode. bw.setup
/bw setupArena Create or edit a BedWars arena. bw.setup
/bw setWaitingSpawn Set the waiting spawn for an arena. bw.setup
/bw setSpectSpawn Set spectators waiting spawn. bw.setup
/bw setSpawn Set the spawn for a team. bw.setup
/bw addGenerator Add a Iron/ Gold/ Emerald/ Diamond generator. bw.setup
/bw removeGenerator Remove a generator when you are next to it. bw.setup
/bw autoCreateTeams Auto create teams for an arena. bw.setup
/bw createTeam Create a team for an arena. bw.setup
/bw removeTeam Remove a team from an arena. bw.setup
/bw setBed Set a bed for a team. bw.setup
/bw setMaxInTeam Set the team size. bw.setup
/bw setShop Set the shop location for a team. bw.setup
/bw setType Set the arena type. Available in Assisted setup. Optional. bw.setup
/bw setUpgrade Set the upgrade location for a team. bw.setup
/bw waitingPos Set the pos1 and pos2 like a world edit selection so the lobby will be removed when the game begins. bw.setup
/bw setKillDrops Set the location where to drop items when killing an enemy. bw.setup
/bw save Save setup changes and go back to lobby. bw.setup
/bw level Change a player level. Give xp. bw.level
/bw upgradesmenu Opens the team upgrades menu if the player is close to the NPC

Other features

Feature Description Permission
Vip Kick Join a full arena by kicking a random player from it. bw.vip
Chat Color Allows to use colors on chat. bw.chatcolor
Cmd Bypass Allows to use non whitelitest commands in game. bw.cmd.bypass
Shout Cooldown Skip shout cooldown. bw.shout.bypass
Setup join Join a BUNGEE mode (autoscale) server directly. bw.setup


/bw npc add andrei1058 Solo &9&lSolo Games\n{players} playing 
/bw npc remove
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