The top 10 plugins that are a MUST have for your Minecraft server


The success of a Minecraft server greatly depends on the plugins you have installed and how you have them configured. The server will be a complete mess if you select poor plugins that cause the server to lag or that you are unable to operate. But if you use quality plugins, your chances of success are significantly higher. This article will assist you in selecting the best plugins for your server. The top 10 plugins for your Minecraft server are listed here, and you should have them all.

1. EssentialsX

Well, EssentialsX is vital. You can perform a lot of things with this plugin, like economy, command shortcuts, and moderation. EssentialsX serves as a foundation for numerous additional plugins as well.

2. LuckPerms

The best rank plugin is LuckPerms. Its great degree of customization lets you create ranks with varying permissions, appearances, and colours. You can even customise every aspect of the plugin on a website with its web dashboard.

3. Vault

Plugins can easily connect to these systems through Vault’s permission, chat, and economy APIs without needing to connect to or rely on each individual plugin. That is to say, it makes it possible for various plugins to interact with one another, including VotingPlugin, LuckPerms, EssentialsX, and many more.

4. WorldEdit/WorldGuard

With the help of a plugin called WorldEdit, you can construct enormous structures in half the time. You can place a lot of blocks, paint things, and randomise things with it using setblock commands. WorldEdit makes it easier to build anything you can imagine in Minecraft. To create regions that players can access or not, WorldGuard uses WorldEdit. It will stop unauthorised players from accessing a region or damaging anything there. An essential requirement for any public server.

5. VotifierPlus

Through the VotifierPlus connection, gamers on your server may cast ballots, elevating your server’s ranking and increasing your exposure. You may use it to provide your players incentives for voting by hooking it into other plugins!

6. CoreProtect

CoreProtect is an anti-griefing and data logging programme. It doesn’t even impact your server’s speed and lets you roll back your server in the event of severe griefing, corruption, or any other issue!

7. ClearLagg

The greatest lag/exploit avoidance plugin available is called ClearLagg. It’s fully adjustable and an absolute need for every Minecraft server.

8. NoCheatPlus

Your server is safe because NoCheatPlus stops cheat clients from taking advantage of holes in Minecraft or its protocol. It includes several different types of cheats, such as inventory hacking, flying, speeding, and duplicating.

9. Holographic Displays

Holographic Displays creates readable floating text for all players by using name tags and invisible armour stands. It’s likely this plugin if you’ve ever seen something similar on a server like Hypixel. Any public server needs to have this plugin installed.

10. VotingPlugin

VotingPlugin is a sophisticated listener for votes. It enables you to award users who vote on websites and connect to VotifierPlus. There are even sound effects! Any public server should prioritise voting, and this plugin lets you encourage people to do so.

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