CineMatch v1.26a For DaVinci Resolve

Program Name File Size
DaVinci Resolve 1.3 GB

CineMatch v1.26a CE Win For DaVinci Resolve Free Download Plugins

CineMatch OFX is a multifunctional camera color correction software that can match most digital movie cameras, mirrorless and SLR camera lenses on the market. It also has powerful video color correction, editing and other functions to satisfy users. video and photo processing needs.

A revolutionary camera-matching tool from filmconvert. For editors, color graders, DITs and cinematographers. Match footage from a range of digital cinema cameras, mirrorless and DSLRs in a few clicks.

1. Sensor matching

Using a dedicated camera package, CineMatch can convert your footage from one Log picture style to another. Mix and match between SLog2/3, CLog, BRaw, V-Log/L, RED IPP2 and more and apply the correct REC.709 conversion with a single click.

2.Camera adjustment

Make basic adjustments using controls customized for your camera profile

3. Matching refinement

Perfect your look with our smart color picker

update content:

  • Added color space transformation option
  • Fixed chroma adaptation of white balance
  • UI changes: Advanced sections for color settings and data ranges
  • False color dropdown and toggle
  • More camera presets
  • Added support for Sony A7 IV
  • Added support for RED Komodo

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