Aescripts Mantra V2 v2.25.1 (WIN)

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After Effects Premiere CC 2014 + 284 MB

Download Aescripts Mantra V2 v2.25.1 (WIN) and enjoy the best experience where you will find what you needed and what you searched for. Our site also provides templates for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Luts, Royalty free sound effects and much more.

Step into AR Content Creation in After Effects and Premiere Pro. Includes 360/VR VFX to stlylize footage

Mantra V2 adds the following functionality to Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro:

Please note: We have simplified the Mantra name, removing VR, as we broaden the toolset into VR, AR and XR capabilities.

  • New: Mantra ObjX Import popular 3D formats (alembic, fbx, obj, glTF, USDZ), modify the materials and export them in AR-supported formats USDZ and glTF, supported by AR Players Adobe Aero, and Apple Reality Composer.
  • Updated Mantra Spherify  Convert 360 stills or footage into 3D spheres (portals) for use in AR. Use a different image for front and backside of the spheres. Includes full RGBA support. Export in USDZ and glTF format, for use in AR players like Adobe Aero and Reality Composer. Create spheres to use as portals in the AR players.
  • Updated Mantra Graphix  Create geometry by extruding 2D graphics into 3D shapes, logos and text. Export in USDZ and glTF format, for use in AR players like Adobe Aero and Reality Composer.
  • New: Mettle 3DNA  our own proprietary 3D Rendering Engine that enables advanced, volumetric workflows.

Mantra VR Features

  • Spherify. Transform your layer into a Sphere.
  • Drag-and-drop effects directly onto footage and interpolate from 0%-100%, keyframeable, fully customisable.
  • Add a Virtual Dolly and Virtual Jib to stationary 360 footage with Mantra > Mobius Transform effect.
  • Create 360 Wormholes and Little Planets with your 360 Footage.
  • Built-in Mantra Node Panel lets you stack and layer Mantra effects intuitively and quickly, takes care of scripting automatically.
  • Built-in Globe Preview Panel let you work in 360Mono and Stereo, to preview the 360 sphere and HMD POV
  • Audio reactive features link the VFX to your audio Ideal for 360 music videos.
  • Supports Formats: Rectilinear (Flat), Monoscopic, Stereoscopic (over/under)
  • Create Procedural textures for use in 3D programs
  • After Effects and Premiere Pro, Mac and WIN.

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