Aescripts Burst Box v1.0 Win/Mac

Program Name Version File Size
After Effects CC 2019 + 1 MB

Download Aescripts Burst Box v1.0 Win/Mac and enjoy the best experience where you will find what you needed and what you searched for. Our site also provides templates for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Luts, Royalty free sound effects and much more.

Ahoy, me hearties!
Set sail for BurstBox, the swashbucklin script for Adobe After Effects thatll make yer animations burst like treasures from a plundered chest!

With BurstBox, ye can add a touch o magic to yer logos, titles, and motion graphics.
Select any burst animation from the treasure trove and watch it come to life with just one click.
Arrr, it couldnt be simpler!

A library of customizable bursts!
With 30 customizable burst animations, these explosions of visual delight will make yer projects shine brighter than a ships lantern on a moonless night!

Ye can customize and change the colors of yer bursts with the flick of a hook. Tailor em to match yer style and make em stand out on the high seas of creativity.
Yer imagination knows no bounds with BurstBox!

What Arr ye waiting for?
So, me hearties, if ye be seekin an adventure in animation, hoist the Jolly Roger and set yer course for BurstBox.
It be the tool thatll make yer animations the envy of all ye scallywags.
Get ready to rule the seven seas of After Effects with bursts of glory!

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