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After Effects CC + 1920X1080 (HD) NO Plugins 1.3 GB

Earth Zoom Pro Kit v5 7962581 Videohive Free After Effects Templates

You can zoom in or out a specific place or multiple places that you desire in the World very easily and quickly.

With this project, you can save time and do a creative work.
With the script panel which is prepared especially for this project, you can create your zoom video easily with only one click. No need to add pictures one by one. No need to waste time with coordinates.
You can set the timings of the scenes as you wish and change the timing easily if you want to change it.

What can I do with this project?

  • Three different type of zoom in options for a selected point.
  • Two different type of zoom out options for a selected point.
  • You can also zoom in and zoom out for the same place.

You can also specify multiple points (unlimited) and zoom one by one. You can add a zoom in animation at the beginning of your animation and a zoom out animation at the end of your animation.

For the preview of the versions, watch in the video.

You can create combinations very quickly and easily as you please. You can see the demos of how zoom animations are created by watching the preview video.

You can add elements to the points which you zoomed from the element library based on your needs. You can also customize the elements you added.

Furthermore, you can also make any kind of edits on the World as you please. It has a completely customizable and flexible feature.

  • 3 types of realistic map options.
  • Editable terminator line. Displayable night lights of the cities.
  • Geopolitical map option.
  • Making easy animations for country maps when needed.
  • State maps for USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, England, India, Japanese, Pakistan, Syria, and China.
    Vectorial maps for the cities of Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, England, Afghanistan, Italy.
  • There is a settings tab in the script panel which I thought it would be useful for the project.

The Content of the Project

  • A specially prepared browser application for the zoom points. With this application, you can easily get the images of the points that you want to zoom.
  • An advanced script panel that you can easily create your zoom animations and quickly customize them. With a user guide.
  • A detailed video guide.
  • An element library with more than 55 sound effects that can be customized easily and completely.

Other Earth Zoom Template

Optional Highlight World Countries, Cities, States Map

243 Highlight World Map Countries.

States Maps : USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, England, India, Japanese, Pakistan, Syria, China

Cities/Territory Maps : Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, England, Afghanistan, Italy

List for Countries/States/Cities

  • 3 High Quality Satellite World Maps ( 21 600 x 10 800 ) (Dark Style, Light Style, Colored Physical Map )
  • Satellite Zoom In (v1) Composition
  • Simple Zoom In (v2) Composition
  • Digital Zoom In (v3) Composition
  • Zoom B From A Composition
  • Simple Zoom Out (v1) Compostion
  • Logo Opener Zoom Out (v2) Composition
  • Logo Opener For Simple Zoom Out Composition
  • Manual Earth Composition (Create your own map animation.)
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Special Map Optimizer Script Panel
  • 55 Special Customize Map Elements
  • Pins, Pointers, Call-outs, Info Boxes, Text Boxes, Screens and Lines
  • After effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC
  • 1920-1080 Full HD
  • No plugin required.
  • 55 Full Editable Elements.
  • Easy to edit.
  • Pre rendered flares.
  • Pre rendered satellite.
  • Include Optical Flare plugin project file.
  • Include Elements for Sound Effects.
  • Included detailed video tutorial and script panel user manual pdf file.
  • Universal Expressions.
  • Included Earth Zoom Wizard.jsx script file.
  • Music  Font
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