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After Effects CC + 9 MB


Marker Remap (Aescript) – Free Download 

1.3 (Current version) – Nov 21, 2018

After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017

Marker Remap lets you retime compositions using split layer markers in two easy steps!

First, add timeline markers, split around key actions in the composition you’d like to retime.

Once placed into a parent comp and selected, simply click ENABLE RETIMING and… that’s it!

Adjust, delete, rearrange or retime correspondingly-named layer markers.


  • Place “Marker Remap.jsxbin” inside AfterEffects/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels
  • Place “AddMarker.jsxbin” inside AfterEffects/Scripts/ (Advanced, not required)
  • Restart After Effects
  • Open the panel under Windows > Marker Remap

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