Kease v1.2.8 for After Effects Win/Mac

Program Name File Size
After Effects 982.3 Kb

Kease v1.2.8 for After Effects Win/Mac Free Download Plugins

Simple Easing Presets

A Simple Easing Preset is a one click solution to change a group of keyframes time interpolation. Simply make a keyframe selection and click on a Simple Preset to apply its easing curve

Modifier Keys

Holding a Modifier Key while clicking on a Simple Easing Preset will help you apply its easing to a specific portion of your keyframe selection. Read more

Create your own Simple Presets

Although Kease comes with a default set of presets, you can easily create your own. Select one or two consecutive keyframes on your timeline (or graph editor), copy their data by pressing the Copy Button (C) and save their easing curve in your library

Extended Easing Presets

An Extended Easing Preset applies a complex easing to your keyframes, such as anticipation and overshoot. They create, by their very nature, additional in-between keyframes

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