Aescripts Breeze 1.0

Program Name Version File Size
After Effects CC 2021 + 14 MB

Aescripts Breeze 1.0 Free Download Plugins 

Create wavy animations quickly and easily in After Effects!


  • Ability to apply multiple breezes on one-layer masks
  • Creating a wave movement in four directions
  • Contains several presets ready for different waves
  • Two-way breeze capability
  • Apply in 2 modes (Mask / Overall)

If youre looking for a quick and easy way to animate a variety of objects, Breeze is the perfect tool for you.
With Breeze, you can animate flags, flames, clothes, characters, and more with ease and speed. Its an incredible tool
that offers a simple interface and advanced features, allowing you to create stunning animations quickly.
So if you want to bring your objects to life with animation, Breeze is definitely worth checking out.

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