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Aescripts Align Pro 1.1 Win/Mac Free Download Plugins

A major update to the native AE align panel Align Pro gives you full Illustrator-like functionality right within After Effects.

The align tool in After Effects is broken its missing key features and doesnt always do what you think its going to do.
Put simply, everything you can do with Illustrators align tool, is now possible right inside After Effects.

Align to Key Layers

Align or distribute layers to key objects, or more specifically, to key layers just select the key layer first, followed by the layers that you want to align.

Distribute Spacing

Distribute layers using exact distances between each one just type the spacing amount, in pixels, into the box before distributing.

Ignore Parents

Parenting a layer to a null object or any other layer, then adjusting its transform settings is one of the main causes of alignment errors avoid them by choosing to ignore a layers parent whilst aligning or distributing.

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