Ping Pong Best Game ever aia file download for appybuilder

This aia file work in appybuilder and we can create an ping pong game with this aia file.This game has a simple splash screen  and nine levels and  daily bonus system.This is best game ever in thunkable,kodular,app inventor and appybuilder.The game has setting option in which we can control music and sound in the app.We can add the video ads in this game and gain more revenue from this.The app shows the score in the coin formate and shows the number of star how the level is complete.The ball speed is increase with each levels.Each levels has the target coin to complete the levels.The app has simple exit button similar in appearance of app.By study this game blocks we can made this game in thunkable,app inventor and kodular.



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Ping Pong Game aia file free download for app

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