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Microsoft Visual Studio Community / Enterprise / Professional 2017 – Android Software Download

Microsoft Visual Studio is a software developed for Microsoft program developers, developed by Microsoft. The program provides a variety of tools for large or small teams to build applications for a variety of platforms. In each new version, the stack of these tools is taller and the first choice for most programming teams working on Windows . Support for side extensions to enlarge this stack, or to add other specific features to the software itself, will eliminate most of the needs of the programmer. Now, with Visual Studio for desktop computers, it can write programs for mobile phones, cloud systems, home consoles, and web servers, in which popular languages ​​such as Python, CPL Plus, C # or F-Sharp Have been.

The new version of Visual Studio, compared to its previous version, includes a new installer that will dramatically reduce the minimum size required, and will not be too long-lasting, like the previous version.Also, all of the installed packages are tried to fit a single cloth and, as far as it can be, everything is aligned with the operating system. In addition, the speed of the program itself is also upgraded and your projects should be downloaded faster.

In addition, the 2017 version tries to support the latest versions of SDKs and different languages. The seventh version of the #C language, much more comprehensive support than the standard 14 and 17 languages ​​++ C, support for the SDK version 1607 of Windows 10 are examples of this. New features such as exploring the instantaneous and momentous dependencies of the project are also available in this release.

In general, Visual Studio is one of the most user-friendly programming environments on the market, with each team of developers of any size and scale able to use their technology to better implement their projects.

Key features of Microsoft Visual Studio software :
– Software management during its life cycle
– Bug and debugging system for advanced and efficient
– Analyze written code
– Git management
– Performing manual testing, the ability to automatically test UI in web or Windows applications
– Performance Testing, Load Testing
– Modeling and acquiring a number of existing codes and their dependent functions
– Manage and extend the database simultaneously with code changes
– Design new software or increase the previous written code
– Multi-monitor functionality to better manage and organize
– New innovations and new languages ​​in all supported languages
– CodeLens feature to make working on team projects easier
– Extremely high levels of plugins for working with different technologies
– Implementing features in ASP.NET to control graphs and use AJAX technology

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